Monday, July 13, 2009

ALLAH did the BEST for us.


hmm.yesterday I've checked my Muet result via sms and alhamdulillah I got band 4,which is enough to make me qualified to enter sarjana muda syariah & undang2 (SMSU).

I'm soooooo happy with it but then,when I knew just 2 students are qualified (me and syu) to enter SMSU, I'm sad! Sad because the rest of my friends didn't get what they want.I can feel their frustration,sadness ! It just like me a few months ago when I didn't get band 4 for my first Muet.

But believe me,ALLAH's plan is the best,we've tried our best but He did the BEST for us.
I wish GOOD LUCK to all of my friends, inshaAllah may Allah bless us in any programme we studied, any field we choose ..

the most important thing is


nsdahlia said...

feeling the same way :(

tqa said...

sabar la syu,,

Anonymous said...

awesome!congates 4 yur muet!

tqa said...

alhamdulillah.thnx kimi ^_^