Thursday, September 24, 2009

eid '09 *photos*photos*

salam syawal =)

i'm going to upload a few photos captured last 4 days =)
actually, there's a lot of things that i want to write here but then, naah *malas* ..

otw to kelantan via cameron highland.

btw, this eid is one of the best eid for me since i was born.
going back to kelantan and raya with my friends there.
thanx for the ride farahin & sis ihan !

KELANTAN- kg chekok-tok bali-cherang .

and the most happiest moment was I met my friend, najla' shakirah.
huhu~ miss ya najla' ..!

me and najla

my cousinss

CAUTION: a lot of works to do after this. i need much much more powerful effort to finish up my assignments, presentation and bla bla bla..

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