Monday, October 12, 2009


I got this unstable feeling since a few days ago. I don't know why but I need, need, need to express this discomfort feeling right now. These two days were a little bit messy and disorganized.

Last weekend, Zarina asked me to join mooting workshop but I refused and I don't know why I'm so sad because I have to join that programme. argh what a miserable day. Maybe one of the reasons is I have planned something for that weekend. I didn't join them .
so sorry zarina !!

Then, we have to prepare for Law's presentation and I LOVE my topics but.. my group member? .. They are awesome. Maybe they should have an individual presentation because each of them have a lot of things to talk.
so sorry guys !!

*unstable condition* out !


khairi.ibrahim said...

jgn tension2.relax.lots of people died of depressions.

tqa said...

tahap depress ak xde la smpai tahap tu KOT.

hEpi jEr ! ^_^

cZar_iNa said...

eit..lex r t-shy..i ajax u dlu cuz ari2 u cm smgt je ngn mmtig stuff nie.huhu...

ermm, but bout group 2.??? xphm~~

tqa said...

mmg smgt pon i xsmgt utk sem ni je.
i klo sem 1 mmg mls cket

bout grup tu..
biarlah rahsia~