Thursday, November 5, 2009

tentang momo

dah berhabuk blog aku nih rupenye ^_^


I've to 'study' for my exams these two weeks and it is a week full of tiredness. hek3~ penat la sgt ..
I am updating my blog using library's connection. excellent internet connection !credit to USIM. I love UsiM ..! ^_^ I'm gonna download a few movies after this. hehe *salah gune*

The reason that makes me anxiously updating this blog is I want to express my feeling towards Momo !! who is momo? hik3~

he is momo.. tadaa ..

His name is momo. Finaz's pet. Wan and I kidnapped him last two days i.e. the day we have to sit for Arabic paper. hoo~ I love him as I love myself.*melampau* Played with him make me think no more of tiredness, tension, stress etc. We played with him even Wan never touched him. haha ! Ohh for your information, he still single and please if you want to have a turtle as your pet, please buy the female one so that they can share their life together.

Momo's Identification Card.

name: momo
sex: male, active
colour: palapes
age: ready to married (needs)

Last night punye cerita, dah lepas 2paper, 5 papers more to go ..

Gaya macam dah habis exam. amek kaw ! boleh bkk kedai CD ni. Ni baru cter dari CD. yang dalam komputer x senarai lagi. naseb baik aku xbawa balik laptop aku. confirm xbelajar.

Hindustans !!~ yeah2 ..
tibe-tibe minat ngn shah rukh khan.
Wan ! ko pnye pasal ..

This 17th November, we are going to somewhere .weee~ The next day I have Law paper ok (18 nov) so what ? The thing is we should not study because of exam ONLY. InshaALLAH I've prepared for my Law paper.