Sunday, June 21, 2009

busy M0Nday


huh.what a messy,busy,packy? day is today. i just settled all the things that need to be settle ;p usim fees DONE! yayasan bank rakyat scholarship DONE! accompany my m0m to jaya jusco NOT DONE! heheh.

i went to BIMB this morning, pasar ke bank ny? ohh before that,i went to post office,almost been ****** as i'm not paying the parking fees ;p thanx t0 pakcik india c0z save my RM60 !! hahaa. as i reached BIMB at 10am on the dot,i remind my self to PAY the parking fees .arghh minus rm0.50 !! [kedekut giler akuh]

dah2,mls aku tulis eng nih.bahasa penjajah! haha~ dekat BIMB ,jumpe ramai plaks remaja-remaja yang nk dftr U,termasok lahh ex senior kuh,sis nadia ;p and kawan skola lame ku afdal ..(can't remember his full name)

alhamdulillah everything almost DONE ..after zohor need to go to jaya jusco located at kepong ..take 15 min to g0 there =( accompany my m0m and my youngest br0ther [en dullah] ..
s0,cannot surfing2 lah after this,gonna miss my blog =(

ngaah3~ jumpak lagik malam inik ..

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