Monday, July 6, 2009

first class

Hurm, we’ve started our first class yesterday. The class full with 190 students. I felt uncomfortable, packed, sleepy, and messy plus I’m the one who have been chosen by God to sit in the last lines of my class. argh! Can u imagine, sitting at the end of class till final 1st year? We’ve been instructed by prof to not changing our seat till the end of the semester .damn! Her voice inspired me to sleep in the class. haha!

That’s how my first class started. I hope I’ll get back my spirit to study especially In Fiqh fatwa programme !ohho~

“spirit spirit come with me, help me to study in the FIQH”

As my tutorial still didn’t started yet, I spend my seconds by sitting in front of my lovely laptop, clicking here clicking there .watching movies. Oh! I’m glad because my house located in the streamyx zone, so I only have to pay RM3 per month to get an excellent connection!

Now, I’m going to download games ;) tataaa


q i L L said...

excited ek.. hee

q i L L said...

excited ek?

q i L L said...

excited ek... hehe

tqa said...

a bit,

xdek prasaan sbnrnye ;p

nsdahlia said...

waa. menci ooo. xdek streamyx zone. ni mst gara2 blok F yg block ni. hhuhuhu~ tak aci.

tqa said...

kat cni lajoo maa~

alaa ko kn pkai broadband!