Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i'm using OPERA

I’m currently using opera as my browser, after a few years become one of the firefox fans. It is not because mozilla is not a good browser but I need to change, try something new. One of the reasons why I’m changing to opera is because I want to keep saving my hardisk spaces. I tell you what, opera browser is much smaller than mozilla in terms of size!

Maybe next time I’ll try using apple safari or Google chrome? perhaps~ 

I’m goggling since morning and I found out a list of websites/blogs that using Malay language and their web its all about technology !

You can go HERE


e l d y said...

Opera unik dgn bar loading ade tunjuk siap berapa percent .. best !!

tqa said...

yeah~ mule2 xjmpe gak mne loading bar dy,,
bru prasan kat atas..
unik tol