Thursday, August 27, 2009

Malaysian Pornography [maybe] ..

i read a bulletin posted by someone in myspace about the video clip which is for 'masih jelas' song by hafiz AF7. She criticized that video clip. I quickly search that video clip at youtube and the first word came out is 'eeeiww' ..what is this? are malaysian trying to do a pornography video clip? what is the real function of that model ?? disgusting! haha.

why not they produce something which is more appropriate and professional.
this is one of the effects of 'west hegemony' (haha betul ke ni?) ..the effects of hegemoni Barat. ish3.
That the worst ever video clip I have ever seen from Malaysia production.

pstt..! sedap kan lagu kat bLog ku ni..Lagu cter autumn in my heart ^_^


nsdahlia said...

aku cume nmpk org brng gaya bebas je dlm video klip tuh....

ye, perenang tersebot tdk ade kaitan sama sekali ngan lagu tu or hafiz.


p/s: perhtikan btul2. tiada stu saat pun didlm lagu tersebut yg perenang itu tidak ade...

tqa said...

haha.perenang gaye bebas ^_^