Saturday, August 29, 2009

JALENAS cool !!

First, i wanna share what is JALENAS. i'm pretty sure, you all never heard about it as I am before. But then, I read harian metro this morning in the it@metro column and I found out what is JALENAS.

Shortly, JALENAS is

A fiber optic network for homes, businesses and communities that delivers Data, Voice and Video with unmatched Internet speeds, crystal clear voice and digital TV.
That means, if you think streamyx [TMnet] provide the fastest internet connection in Malaysia, that is wrong. Within a Jalenas network, you can reach speeds of up to 100x faster than your existing connection. You do not lose speed through shared connection regardless of how many people in your home or neighborhood surf the internet, email or chatting, talk on the digital phone or watch digital IPTV. The same system as current streamyx BUT the speed provided is too far different. 100mbps beb!! and yang membanggakan,chaiman JALENAS is malay.haha~

Inilah yang aku tunggu-tunggu selama ni. Zaman sekarang, orang hanya pentingkan speed, ape gune nye klo ade internet tp speed mcm sipot sedut.buat tensyen je! klo nk tggu TM, lmbat lagi kot..dari dulu smpai sekarang, service slow! mungkin kerana faktor2 xde persaingan kot. yelah,tgk sendiri la kat malaysia ni, kalau org nak pasang internet je, msti pikir TM kalau xpon broadband(baru widely used)..see..xde persaingan di situ..

you can even see the speed and compare it HERE
try it! i'm so EXCITED!!!

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