Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I found this picture.


I have had a tagged account and I never activate it since yesterday, it is only because my classmate [nur sakinah nabila saeran and sis pija] are tagged abuser. So, I log on [3x maybe because I already forgot the password] and I replied the comment sent by sakinah.

I realized one picture of mine and I laughed ! hehe~ I already forgot when I uploaded that picture.

this picture

It was me and marhanum when we were form 4 and at that point of time, we were preparing for sports day.hehe. It such the happiest memory with my buddies~ We all sewing and preparing clothes for members of marching. Can't forget that moment.


nsdahlia said...

aku cdgkan ko pakai mcm kat dlm gamba tu nasyid nanti. lawa gak aa...

tqa said...

cadangan ditolak.
mnde ni leh pkai time subjek hub etnik je.hehe ^_^