Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am stress. huhu (-_-)

There are so many reasons to make me happy but then there are also a few reasons that make me unhappy !

Happpy ^_^

  • The end of 2nd semester ,1st Year.
  • I got FREE notebook from Streamyx. thanks :)
  • My interview with TNC was okay. I am satisfied.

Unhappy :(

  • Final Exam is just around the corner and I am NOT even prepare for it yet, seriously!
  • So many activities I need to attend. (Silat, presentation muamalat, choral speaking arab??)
  • Both my home in Nilam and Selayang, does not make me happy. Rase macam malas dan tak bersemangat nak balik mane2. kenape tah. before this, I used to be very very happy untuk balik dari kelas untuk sampai ke F5-8-3, but now...~ dunno. tak de feeling pon. Untuk balik selayang ape tah lagi. malas..~
  • Hati not in a good condition. Someone is trying to avoid me. I hate it *_*
  • Silatttttttttttttt. Confusedddddddd !!

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