Saturday, June 20, 2009



i don't know,the fact is,the thing that made me confused is 'nothing' actually ..but I made that 'nothing' become a BIG thing .ngah3.

the thing is,we've planned to visit rwg integrated boarding school (which is my school ;p ) should be tomorrow (Monday) but then i still confused whether i should go or is not a big deal actually .haha but i made it complicated . i don't know.huh ;

and then yesterday ,it became more more more complicated.ain (gg) said 'they' decide to go on Wednesday.hah.s0 i conclude, there will be two groups ,first on Monday and the second one on Wednesday, ohh! i want to see u'll guys so badly,btw i still cannot make a simple decision .for some people,they might think "alahhh just pick one of the day or to make easier,go there on both days" ..

lalala,byk duet bapak kaw!

and i wonder why i cannot make this simple decision?such a Big pr0blem,isnt it?..erm,i dont know ..maybe i should just stay at home,prepare for the next friday ..g0ing bacK to USiM..!!

i d0n't know ..sorry u guys IF and only IF i cannot join the trip ..i still try my best to decide the BEST ..


IzWaN RaiF said...

Eh, ada gak junior sepintar kt usim, haha...
Amek fatwa ek, alhmdlillah

tqa said...

alhamdulillah ^_^

yAnAshA said...

pning la tshy...ak pon xtw nk g ke x ni...confuse2

tqa said...

ko kn pegy rabu ni ..
ak p rabu ni~
pegy lahh tau!tau!